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Kamloops breakfast fly out


By Al Blakely



COPA Flight 5 and the Boundary Bay Flying Club (BBFC) participated in one last breakfast fly out to Kamloops, in the interior of beautiful British Columbia on Sunday, Oct. 4.


The participants were: Gordon Hindle (Vari EZE) BBFC, Al Blakely (C-172/180) COPA 5, Harry Pride (PA-28R/200) COPA 5, Jim Niessen (PA-28/140) COPA 5, Vern Little (RV/9A) BBFC.


The flight to Kamloops was slow, as we encountered strong outflow winds. The winds are predominantly Westerly on the Coast of B.C., but this day was an outflow - winds blowing from the interior of B.C. towards the coast.


 My average groundspeed for the trip up was 85 knots. My hobbs indicated a trip of 1.8 for a normally 1.2 – 1.4 trip. I also took advantage of some very strong updrafts (free lift) in the mountains and got up to cruising altitude in a hurry.


The winds in Kamloops were from the north (fortunately straight down the runway) 25 gusting to 35 knots.


On the trip back to the Lower Mainland, Jim Niessen and myself decided to fly together in a loose formation. We decided to follow the Coquihalla Highway (Highway #5 or the Yellowhead) home. We flew back at 8,500 feet in clear blue skies.


Our average groundspeed on this leg was in the 140-knot range. Not bad for a 172 and PA-28. Hobbs time back was 1.2.


As we neared Chilliwack Jim and I split up as he was bound for Boundary Bay and I for Pitt Meadows.


It was an enjoyable morning, even though it was tough flying with the wind and updrafts. But it was a great way to end the fly-out season.