Last shirt sleeve fly-in at Greenbank

By Gord Mahaffy


COPA Flight 70 member Wayne Jeffery
thanks Greenbank owner Dorothy Javkovic
for her free food and hospitality

As the summer fly-in season starts winding down, COPA Fight 70 members offered their support to Greenbank Airport by attending one of the last shirt sleeve fly-ins before the wheels come off and the skis go on.

The operators of Greenbank Airport went to extravagant lengths to let aviators know that the airport is still in operation and is not going away. On Sunday, Sept. 27, Greenbank sponsored a fly-in for people who wished to arrive by car or airplane.

The weather was not the best with a deep low pressure system and a sharp cold front to the north that produced on-and-off rain all day. However there were enough breaks in the clouds for about six aircraft to fly in, including COPA Flight 70 member Doug Raine who arrived in his Cherokee 140.

Other Flight 70 members including Karl Soihtu, John Alford, Mikel Brown, Gord Mahaffy and Wayne Jeffery arrived by car. In total about 50 people attended.

Airport owner, Dorothy Javkovic, treated these people to mouth watering hamburgers, hotdogs and coffee absolutely free of charge.

Airport manager Larry Bonehill and resident AME Len Mckay gave a talk on the future of the airport and owner assisted maintenance, which is available on site. If your looking for cheap gas 24/7 (credit card actuated), tie-downs, general maintenance or grass field experience, Greenbank is the place to stop.

All classes of aircraft are welcome and it is one of the few places close to Toronto, Oshawa and Peterborough where a ski equipped aircraft can land and fuel-up without a radio.