Delta's COPA For Kids Day Sunny And Smooth

Gary Peare


On Oct. 16, Flight 5 held our autumn COPA for Kids Day. It was a great success with more than 47 kids flown.

The weather could not have been better, with sunny skies and smooth air. Of course it would not have been the success that it was without the help and generosity of the volunteers. And here we go; Dave Turnbull – registration along with Jim Niessen manning the computer and certificate printing. Tony Swain, our esteemed goodwill ambassador. Mary Swain who amongst many other things kept us pilots well fed. Tony and Mary should be considered national treasures!

Next up is Kathy Turnbull, for her Tetra Pak drinks and cookies for the kids, and our ground school teacher Lowell Breckon, John Clark our chief marshal, and assisting marshals Deb Blue and Pat Lobsinger.

As well, we had Air Cadets of the 819 squadron; CO Tim Challen along with Cadets Devon Scott and Ben George.

And finally our pilots, and here goes; Rick Blue (PA28-180), Donn Hubble (C-150), Don Brown (PA28-200), Henry Ilg (C-177), John McGregor (L19 Birddog), and myself (PA28-140) .

So we had a good balance of high-wingers and low-wingers.

With all this excitement I truly hope I didn’t miss anybody.

I would also like to mention that Delta Heritage Airpark had a travelling guest; Jens from Germany who is cycling from Alaska to South America on the ‘ P a n - A m e r i c a n Highway.’ Jens was in the right place at the right time, and enjoyed a flight with John Mc- Gregor in his beautiful L19 Bird-dog.

John’s L19 was equipped with all the electronics and such as it was during the cold war, where the L19 was used extensively in West Germany at the time.

On this COPA for Kids day Flight 5 elected to use ‘’ to assist with the registrants. You can set the entry fields as desired, such as time, contacts and contact info. Bruce Prior coordinated it and from this produced spread-sheets to assist with the registration process. A very handy tool, and thanks to Bruce.

We also advertised in a few of the local papers as well. I think ‘mysignup’ is a great tool for the purpose of putting on an event such as this.

After the COPA For Kids event was over, we had a joint Boundary Bay Flying Club/COPA Flight 5 pot-luck at Delta. This, like the kid’s event, was very well attended. Delta Heritage Airpark is certainly a hive of activity. Again thanks to all who helped.