Flying start to a New Year

By Avery Wagg



Every year the Kingston Flying Club hosts a City Fly-over on the morning of January 1st. The route typically has us first fly over the city, and then around the outer perimeter of Wolfe Island.

Tradition has it, that if you fly this event, then you'll have good luck for the remainder of the year.

Well, this year we had nine Club airplanes flying 20 people over our special "circuit".

While Dave Tisdale organized the airplanes and the itinerary, Lois and Pat Harpell organized the food and drink for our return.

Spence McKendry happened to be laid-up at KGH hospital so while he couldn't join us, his hospital window overlooks the south side of the city. Well, Dave suggested it just might be worthwhile for us to fly past the hospital on the south side and dip a wing or two in salute - so we did.

The Flight Service people in Kingston were great. They kept the advisories coming and all of us organized in the air. The fellow had to deal with nine of us at once as well as the scheduled incoming traffic, but he did it quickly and professionally.

Hot chili, buns, cocoa and friendship ended the outing with lots of post-flight chatter.