Cup winners give Flight ‘international flavour’

By Steve Eastwick


The Havelock Flying Club/ COPA Flight 27 is pleased to announce our 2011 Cross Country Cup Winners, James Greenhalgh and son/co-pilot Ben, of Sussex, New Brunswick.

Move over Tony Swain, because we have our own East Coast - United Kingdom connection in James and Ben.

The two are enthusiastic ultralight flyers. James became “hooked” after his first taste of ultralight flight, an introductory session, purchased as a birthday present by his wife Marit in October 1998. Flown at Shobdon Air Field near Hereford, UK, that first flight evolved into a 1/5 share in a machine and then an X-Air Standard of his very own. Co-pilot Ben was two years old at this time and petrol was $2.60 cdn/litre.

James and family became inspired with the beauty and tranquility of the Sussex area of N.B., Canada after a summer vacation. They eventually moved from England in 2005.

With the mentoring of famous Australian ultralight instructor, Simon Baker, and 90 hours in his logbook, James resumed his passion on a whole new continent. Enduring a painstaking conversion to a Canadian license he, with now 14-year-old Ben, began flying his new Canadian X-Air Hanuman model purchased in Montreal.

James became a HFC/COPA 27 member in 2007 and acquired a hangar at the Havelock, N.B. Airfield soon after.

I have flown with these two aviators on some longer cross countries and admire their enthusiasm, even after hours of winds and turbulence. I like flying with James because he tells me how “fast” my Cessna 120 is, and we share a common trait by always keeping “a field in sight.” Continental C-85 or Rotax 582, “murphy’s law” is always with us as we visit new Canadian “Places to Fly.”

Congratulations, James and Ben.