Bob Haverstock Aviation Bursary awarded for 2011


Two students in the Algonquin College Aviation Program received $500 bursaries from the Cornwall Flying Club (COPA Flight 59).

The presentation took place during a class of the Algonquin College Aviation Management- General Arts and Science Program, Thursday evening Dec. 8, 2011. This program is led by Bruce Dwyer who facilitated the event.

The first recipient was Alborz Mirenayat who is a graduate from McMaster University, Bachelor of Engineering and enrolled in the Algonquin Aviation Program in 2011.

The other recipient was Kaitlyn Mullins who is a graduate of the 713 Thunderbolt Squadron Air Cadet Program in Stoney Creek, Ontario, private pilot: graduating from the Kingston Flying Club in 2009. She’s also 2011 Graduate of Queen’s University, Bachelor, Honours Degree in Politics and Geography and she too enrolled in the Algonquin Aviation Program in 2011.

The bursaries were present by Barry Franklin, president of the Cornwall Flying Club and Myrle Haverstock, Bob’s widow, who gave a brief presentation to the students that outlined Bob’s 60-year flying career. Her intention was to inspire the class as to their potential, and from their reaction, she succeeded.

Each bursary was for $500. Earlier this year a $500 bursary was presented to Derek Henning who is studying Aviation Technology at Canadore College in North Bay.

Information can be found at on the Cornwall Flying Club and the Bob Haverstock Aviation Bursary.