16th annual aviation Christmas dinner outstanding

By Avery Wagg


There’s something just a bit outstanding about sitting down with good friends, good food and chatting away about aviation. We had 97 people show up again this year for Kingston’s aviation dinner, hosted for the 16th time by Dave and Lois Tisdale at the Italo-Canadian Club.

Anybody who loves aviation is welcome. It’s open to airport staff, private pilots, commercial pilots, ultralight pilots, kit-builders, veterans and anyone else with an interest in aviation. Over the years the dinner has grown to the point where it’s now one of eastern Ontario’s premier aviation events.

While not the original author of From the Ground Up, the evening’s speakers were Bill Peppler and his wife Aileen Culgin. Bill took control of the project from Sandy MacDonald back in 1964.

Bill’s first wife Isabel Peppler was the editor and publisher of From the Ground Up. Bill did much of the content research, while Isabel handled the rest. Isabel was mentioned a number of times during the evening and her photograph was on display. Bill has since passed the baton over to his son who is now handling the book.

Sean White played emcee for the evening, moving everything along nicely. The popularity of the dinner has grown over the years, mostly from the efforts of Dave and Lois. Thanks again, guys! Flying with an iPad This fall Rob Chartrand, one of Kingston Flying Club’s members, took it upon himself to lead a great information session about using an iPad for flight planning.

Rob’s first session was all about an aviation application (app), called ForeFlight – a great planning product for both VFR and IFR pilots. Rob walked 11 club members in attendance through each feature the product had to offer as well as giving some tips on how to best use it for planning. Another member, Mike Hill, chimed in a couple of times and talked about an iPad’s actual use in the cockpit. All in all, a great session.

Needless to say we’re hoping Rob and Mike offer additions to this course – over the course of the winter. We’ll post the scheduled time of the next event in COPA Flight’s On the Horizon.