Oshawa to accommodate more resident aircraft

By Eric Dumigan


On a recent trip to Oshawa Airport (CYOO) it became apparent how much the airport is growing. While the expansion of runway 12/30 has been declined by the city government, many new hangars and businesses are taking shape.

Corporate Aircraft Restorations, an Oshawa resident since 2001, is building a new 13,000 square foot facility that will double their previous floor space.

Corporate Aircraft Restorations offers aircraft storage and maintenance as well as hassle-free valet movement of aircraft in and out of hangars.

Several dozen 1,071 square foot T-hangars have also been recently built and billed as “Hangarminiums.” These units feature bi-fold doors and are large enough for single engine and small twin-engine aircraft.

Several box hangars are also taking shape in the 1,760 square foot to 1,920 square foot range. The units come with a roughedin two-piece bath. Gas is also available for heating.

Larger 65x50 and 65x60 foot hangars are also being built with two-piece roughed-in bathrooms and standard in-floor radiant hot water heating. Units range in price from $129,000 to $429,000.

Optech International, the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced lidar and camera survey instruments, is just one of several companies that will call Oshawa Airport home. Hangar construction is currently underway and will be functional in early 2013.

Aviation Unlimited, Canada’s exclusive distributor for Piper and Diamond Aircraft will also be relocating to Oshawa Airport.

It is evident that the Oshawa Airport is preparing for the eventual shutdown of Buttonville Airport and with the Hwy. 407 extension underway, getting from Toronto to Oshawa Airport will be much faster and more convenient.

As well, Oshawa is far enough outside of Toronto International Airport’s control zone to make arrivals and departures more direct, saving on fuel and flying time.