COPA Flight 28 Donates to COPA Action Fund

By Doug Martin



Doug Martin – Captain - COPA Flight 28 Burlington

Photo: L to R – P. Hayes with COPA 28 Executive

Paul Hayes – COPA Director S. Ontario

Doug Martin - Captain

Carrie Martin – Navigator

Ken Hopper – Social Director

Ted Lee – Flight Operations

Jan Slavik – First Officer

Many months ago, member Gerry Peskett wrote to our Flight to advise that he had sent a personal donation to the COPA Special Action Fund. He had been motivated by several articles highlighting the worthwhile activities that the Fund supports. His letter encouraged the Burlington Flight to follow his lead and make a donation to the fund. Gerry’s letter was followed by a published challenge from the North Bay COPA Flight for other flights to match their $500 donation. And donate we did!

On Nov 24, Paul Hayes, Director for Southern Ontario, attended our monthly meeting to receive a cheque for $1000 from the Flight.

Considering that this fund is there to support aviation in Canada, it’s only logical that the COPA flights should support the fund to the best of their abilities. We’re happy to contribute and would encourage other Flights to do the same!