Over sea’s fees real eye-opener

By Al Blakely


We had our regular order of business on Wednesday, Nov. 12. There were 16 members present and one guest. Our guest was visiting from Scotland, so I asked him to join us and give a little talk about how user fees have hurt General Aviation in Europe and more specifically in Scotland.

His talk was an eye-opener! At all costs we have to fight user fees and other non-descript charges and fees. If you don’t think it is important, try paying for it.

Our guest speaker, Graeme Park, has started flying a KitFox, because they are far less regulated than certified aircraft and can be flown from almost anywhere. He says that all the user fees in Scotland have added at least another $50 per hour for flying. Thank you, Graeme for your enlightening talk.

We had our Christmas party with the Boundary Bay Flying Club on Saturday Nov. 29. It was a fun event and a good time was had by all who attended.

Our annual donation went to the two local Air Cadet Squadrons, namely, 828 Hurricane Squadron in South Delta, and 819 Squadron in North Delta.

We will also be forwarding a donation to the COPA Special Action Fund. We believe this is a very worthwhile fund and we support it fully.

Thank you COPA National for all your hard work on our behalf and on the behalf of all General Aviation Pilots.

If you are not a member of COPA, perhaps you should think of becoming one, if you are a member, don’t forget to renew your membership!