Manitoba Aviation Tour ready for take off


By Dennis Schoonbaert



Much has been accomplished in the last month; the Manitoba Aviation Tour is ready to go! 


The official website is now complete, actually it’s still evolving but that’ll be the case until the tour is over. The URL is easy to remember – –  the site is the official source of tour information. Note the updated contact information.


The basics of the Tour are unchanged:  

  • registration is required, $25, download the registration form from the website,
  • the registration package includes a Tour Passport which will be used to document tour visits, 
  • to complete the tour 14 visits, one for each of Manitoba’s decades, are required, 
  • to complete the tour at least one visit must occur in each of the eight Manitoba Tourism regions which must include visits to the sites of Manitoba’s five COPA Flights,
  • everyone is encouraged to participate at whatever level they wish, completion is a bonus, and
  • tour completion will be recognized at the final celebration and will make participants eligible for prizes.

Touring can start as soon as the registration package is received, there could be a prize for the participant who completes the Tour first! We will be distributing the first registration packages at the COPA Flight 35 Rust Remover session on January 28, 2010 and will have them ready to mail then too.  The official Tour Takeoff will take place on Manitoba Day in Neepawa and a Tour Event will be part of the celebrations which run from May 12 - 15. The final celebration will be in October, the date and location are still to be finalized.


Sponsors started coming forward immediately after the tour was announced, their involvement is greatly appreciated. Check the sponsors page on the website to see who’s on board. The sponsorship page explains the program. 


The ‘richness’ of the tour is enhanced at the same time as the profile of our sponsors is increased by their involvement. Many of our sponsors are planning events that will make your visit to their site memorable, these are listed on the events page; check often to see what’s new!


Please share your tour ideas with us, we’ll share them with others on the ideas page.


Here are some: Are you coming from the east to participate in the Cross Canada Flight to the Yukon?  You could do the Manitoba Aviation Tour on your way to and from the Yukon with some planning.  You’ll be amazed at what you see; Manitoba is an incredibly diverse province with cities, small towns, farmland, the Canadian Shield, the Arctic coastline and tundra, and many other landscapes. 


Visit to see some of that diversity. Look at your aviation bucket list and use the tour as an opportunity to accomplish a few. Go gliding, make your first parachute jump, add a float plane endorsement, experience a hot air balloon ride, check out in a taildragger, try a tandem hang glider flight, learn some aerobatics, ..., you can do all these things in Manitoba. 


Are you one of the many Manitobans coming home in 2010? Fly here, then tour with your Manitoba family and friends. Manitoba has many lodges that are accessible by air; make a fishing holiday part of your tour. 


Share the tour with others, sharing expenses and careful planning can make this a very affordable adventure. Manitoba has some great aviation museums in two different regions, be sure to visit them as you tour.  The tour will be richer for all of us if we share our ideas!


Watch the sharing page on the website for ideas and information about sharing your tour adventures as they occur. 


SPOT will play a role in this for many tourers while it also increases their safety. ‘SPOT Adventures’ easily allows photos and information to be attached to the GPS positions it logs.


Register now, start your planning, keep watching the website for new information. Let’s make Manitoba hum with aviation activity in 2010!