Aviation Christmas party serves 100    

By Avery Wagg


Niall Leslie makes a few points in favour
of the gliding and ultralight
experience in aviation.

Glen Cook is describing the active sonar tactics used
by helicopters for the anti-submarine warfare
during the Cuban missile crises.


These aviation Christmas dinners are always fun. You eat a lot of good food and then sit around and talk about aviation. That’s a pretty good substitute for flying when the weather outside is frightful.


About 100 people showed up again this year for Kingston’s aviation dinner, hosted for the 13th time by Dave and Lois Tisdale at the Italo-Canadian Club.


Anybody who loves aviation is welcome. It’s open to airport staff, private pilots, commercial pilots, ultra-light pilots, kit-builders, veterans and anyone else with an interest in aviation. Over the years the dinner has grown to the point where it’s now one of eastern Ontario’s premier aviation events.


The dinner has been graced with some pretty good speakers over the years. For example, this year’s talk was provided by Col (Ret'd) D. Glen Cook, Navy Test Pilot and author – who provided a participants look into the real-life submarine war during the Cuban Missile crises of 1962. A lot more went on in that conflict than ever reached the papers. He highlighted a chapter from his recently published book – Vignettes of a Canadian Naval Aviator.


John Schaeffer played M/C for the evening moving everything along nicely and providing space for a series of speakers, each of whom gave us an update on their organization. Niall Leslie gave a short talk about aviation from the gliding and ultra-light perspective. Kevin Psutka from COPA highlighted some of COPA’s more recent endeavors – namely, the regulation of aerodromes currently under consideration by the Supreme Court.


The popularity of the dinner has grown over the years mostly from the efforts of Dave and Lois. Both are good genuine folks who simply enjoy aviation enough to share their enthusiasm with others. And what better venue than a Christmas dinner. 


And on a final note: our 50/50 draw sent out $53.50 to the CKWS Clothes for Kids fund. Thanks to all those who contributed.