Perfect day for Woodstock fly-in breakfast

By Murray Pratt



Roy Collins of Havelock lands his Jodel.

David Egan arrives in his Piper PA-22. 


Power Paraglider Tracy Dempsey.
Photos courtesy Ed Bradley 


Two RV-4s flown by Ross Keirstead
and Don Bertelsen 

Ian and Mary Greencorn arrive in their RV-7A.

For those of us in western New Brunswick who share both the love for Mother Nature, and the love of general aviation, Saturday, Oct. 3, was the perfect day!

COPA Flight 86, otherwise known as The Woodstock NB Flying Association, hosted its monthly fly-in, drive-in breakfast at the airport clubhouse. This gathering is held on the first Saturday of each month, beginning at 9 a.m., and is open to anyone who would like to drop/fly in.

On this particular day Mother Nature provided a background second to none. With the foliage on the forests in full bloom with their fall colours, the day started with the perfect mix of sun, patchy cloud, and some low-lying ground fog, providing spectacular viewing for those who ventured out with their aircraft to join us.

All told, 10 aircraft made the trip to our breakfast gathering, with one even arriving in the trunk of a car! That one, by the way, would be a powered parachute that put on a terrific flying demonstration.

On this occasion, we were treated to the arrival of two Jodels and an RV from Havelock, a Piper Colt from Perth Andover, two more RVs from Sussex, a previously unknown to us RV-6A built and flown, by a dentist and his wife, from Port Hawksbury, N.S., another RV from Weyman field, along with a beautifully restored J4 owned by Gerry Crouse, also from Weyman Field.

As you can tell, the experimental/homebuilt category was well represented at this gathering, in particular when you consider that at least three other RV owner/builders were present, as drive-ins, including Ken Harding, the head cook, who is preparing to test fly his recently completed RV-6A, Ernie McLean, National COPA representative for this area, and an RV-8 owner, and Jerry Wilcox, RV-8 owner, and builder of several experimental aircraft.

While everyone was eating and chatting, the morning was becoming more beautiful, with a slight breeze clearing most of the clouds, providing bright sunshine on Woodstock, and the surrounding St. John River Valley and providing what must have been a spectacular flight home for our departing guests. Thanks to all who attended. Don't forget we do this every month!