Tisdales Host Christmas Dinner For The 14th Time

Avery and Janet Wagg


These aviation Christmas dinners are always fun. You eat a lot of good food and then sit around and talk about aviation.That’s a pretty good substitute for flying when the weather outside is terrible.

About 90 people showed up again this year for Kingston’s aviation dinner, hosted for the 14th time by Dave and Lois Tisdale at the Italo-Canadian Club.

Anybody who loves aviation is welcome. It’s open to airport staff, private pilots, commercial pilots, ultra-light pilots, kitbuilders, veterans and anyone else with an interest in aviation.Over the years the dinner has grown to the point where it’s now one of eastern Ontario’s premier aviation events.

The dinner has been graced with some pretty good speakers over the years and this year was no exception. Indeed, we ended up with two highlights this time.

First Paul Kissmann from Vintage Wings spoke about the differences in flying characteristics between the F-18, the F-86 Sabre and the WWII Vought Corsair – all of which Paul has flown.

In addition, Paul brought his friend Fern Villeneuve, the original lead of Canada’s Golden Hawks aerobatic team to speak of his experiences leading the team back in 1959. Mr. Villeneuve brought that part of Canadian aviation history to life - in an outstanding way.

John Schaeffer played M/C for the evening, moving everything along nicely and providing space for the series of speakers.

The popularity of the dinner has grown over the years mostly from the efforts of Dave and Lois. Both are good genuine folks who simply enjoy aviation enough to share their enthusiasm with others. And what better Venue than a dinner.

Thanks again guys!

By the way, Dave wants to emphasize that our 50/50 draw sent out $47.50 to the CKWS Clothes for Kids fund. We also had a generous gift of a number of model airplane kits that raised an additional $125.00. Thanks to all those who contributed.

Paul Kissmann makes a point about the landing technique required for the Vought Corsair.

Fern Villeneuve, the original leader of Canada’s Golden Hawks, describes how he was asked to lead Canada’s aerobatic team back in the late 1950s.