Kingston’s aviation Christmas dinner another huge success

By Avery Wagg


These aviation Christmas dinners are always fun. You eat a lot of good food and then sit around and talk about flying. That’s a pretty good substitute when the weather outside is terrible.

We had 94 people show up again this year for Kingston’s aviation dinner, hosted for the 15th time by Dave and Lois Tisdale at the Italo-Canadian Club.

Anybody who loves aviation is welcome. It’s open to airport staff, private pilots, commercial pilots, ultra-light pilots, kit builders, veterans and anyone else with an interest in aviation.

Over the years the dinner has grown to the point where it’s now one of eastern Ontario’s premier aviation events.

Gene Manion, author of Flying on the Edge, was our guest speaker this year. He was able to open a small window of what it was like flying in Newfoundland back in the 1960s and 1970s. Definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s really only through speakers like Gene that the general public is able to get a glimpse of how important aviation is to our communities, and for that matter - all of Canada.

Sean White played emcee for the evening, moving everything along nicely. The popularity of the dinner has grown over the years mostly from the efforts of Dave and Lois.

Thanks again guys!