Flight passes motion to donate yearly to FtFF


Past captain Ian Basson said that at the last Flight meeting he made a motion which was seconded by Charlie Murray (who was the 2008 convention transportation boss) and carried unanimously, “That Flight 75 donate $500 in 2011 and 10% of its year-end bank balance in future years to the (COPA Freedom to Fly Fund) special action fund.”

This great idea from Flight 73 for raising money for the Freedom to Fly Fund and is an excellent idea for other Flights to help keep funds coming in on a regular basis.

COPA President/CEO Kevin Psutka went to St. Thomas on the October 12th weekend and accepted the cheque for $500 from Flight members in front of the Flight’s barbecue shed at the airport.

Thank you to Charlie Murray for the idea. The Flight will now donate 10% of its bank balance to the Fund each year to help keep it working for our freedom to fly.

Thanks Charlie and all of the members of Flight 75!