Rust Remover and float activities

By Jesse Jasper, Captain



Seen here is Jesse Jasper’s 1976 M5-210C on
the barrens, 160 miles north of Yellowknife
last fall on Aqua 2400s which he
picked up in North Bay in summer 2005

Flight 108 and the NWT Floatplane Association (NTFA) held a Rust Remover in the AME program classroom, Buffalo School of Aviation on May 24.

Fred Johnson of Transport Canada, Edmonton gave a seminar on a number of safety issues: clean airframes (icing), loss of situational awareness, human factors, PDM, stress, and stress management to 16 participants.

We got our logbooks signed off, chowed down on donuts, coffee and juice, and engaged in some hangar talk.

Local pilot Lauren Trudel, who has been inactive for about 10 years, attended the Rust Remover and is celebrating his recent retirement from GNWT Airstrips Division by renewing his private pilot license with an instructor on a Cherokee 140 that he purchased a 1/4 share in.

The first private straight float planes went on the water in the last few days, since the smaller local lakes are now all ice free. I hope to be there myself after completing my annual inspection and float changeover.

I am really enjoying flying floats since completing my seaplane endorsement early last summer, taking advantage of NTFA fly-in picnics, and northern camping, fishing and moose hunting opportunities.

This summer's local aviation highlight is the bi-annual Yellowknife Midnight Sun Floatplane Fly-In, July 13-15 (see

Visitors from the south are welcome, and the later date (from 1995-2005 fly-ins) means that lakes on the barrens north of Yellowknife will be ice free and accessible to floatplanes. Come see us, and take in the Red Lake Norseman Festival on the way south (July 20-22 weekend -