Rust Remover enlightens 69

By Clarence Demchuk, Navigator-Webmaster


Flight 4 again sponsored the Southern Saskatchewan Rust Remover/Transport Canada 24 month Recurrency Seminar. This annual event was held on Saturday, April 21. Attendance of 69 was good, but didn't match 2005 record of 98 pilots. Perhaps the increase in facility-lunch fee from $10 to $15 affected the numbers?

The venue was a local favourite, the Regina Flying Clubhouse restaurant. The seminar was followed by a menu of two types of soup and a generous variety of thick sandwiches for the “fly for food crowd.”

Local pilots mixed with many out of town aviators, including pilots who flew in from Estevan. Most stayed into the afternoon to eat sandwiches, swap lies and enjoy typical aviator comradery. Flight 4 Captain Wayne Runyan introduced presenters Pete Firlotte from TC Winnipeg and Fred Johnson from TC Edmonton. The seminar started with the latest research on airframe ice and its effects on aircraft performance.

The seminar then moved to topics of prudent pilot decision making with regard to not only good airmanship but also focussing on safety for pilots, passengers and bystanders.

Border crossing, along with ideas on joining the circuit and enforcement situations rounded off the presentation and questions from the floor. Pete and Fred made the seminar interesting by relating many real life examples. These were effectively illustrated by Power Point slides and a humourous style, which was appreciated and enjoyed by all in attendance.

COPA National Saskatchewan Director Earl Kickley from Lampman gave an update, speaking about how lucky we are as pilots here on the prairies hearing first hand about the complications our fellow pilots face flying VFR around Toronto and Montreal terminal areas.

He encouraged all Flight 4 members to join COPA as a means to support the aviation lobby and maintain a voice at the national level. COPA, he reported, works at establishing a collaborative approach in dealing with Transport Canada in resolving aviation issues.

Earl spoke of COPA insurance programs for pilots and owners. He also encouraged members to fly to 2007 COPA Convention held in Moncton N.B. this summer.

Those in attendance gave Flight 4 Moose Jaw director pilot-owner Greg Moeller a spontaneous round of applause for his presentation this spring to the City of Moose Jaw financial committee speaking against the proposed abandoning of operational funding for the Moose Jaw Municipal Airport (CJS4.)

Consequently, the city committee rejected the idea and pledged to continue operational and future runway repair funding for CJS4. Noteworthy, COPA President Kevin Psutka promptly responded to the Moose Jaw Municipal situation by email and shared ideas and materials in support of Greg's effort.

Rem Walker was presented with new COPA Flight 4 sign made of light-weight coroplast and official decal provided by Adam Hunt. It replaces the ole' hand painted plywood COPA sign (Western Development Museum bound?) Rem has used for years at the COPA display table he sets up at annual Regina Flying Club open house.

Runyon thanked TC officials Pete and Fred for their informative presentation, Grant for the fine lunch, Rem for the bookings and all pilots for their participation and announced that the next Rust Remover was in the works for April-May 2008 at the Regina Flying Club. Pilots were invited to present their log books to Fred or Pete for endorsement.