Oshawa’s Rust Remover a resounding success.




On Saturday, May 5, Flight 70 held its second annual Rust Remover. New learning was the goal of this important safety seminar which was chaired by Wayne Ellis.

Throughout the day the 93 participants heard presentations from five different speakers on a variety of pertinent aviation topics.

The day started with Mark Dixon, Civil Aviation Inspector from Transport Canada. He shared 11 different flying scenarios covering a wide range of topics. Each situation generated lively discussion with the most correct procedures being shared. All pilots agreed that they learned something new.

Shane Hartwell, Unit Operation Specialist from Oshawa’s Control Tower, then gave an excellent presentation on proper radio procedures to be used when leaving or entering any control zone. He helped everyone learn that radio work is an art which requires accuracy, precision and brevity. New learning was emphasized.

The morning part of the day concluded with Terrence Satens, Civil Aviation Safety Inspector from Transport Canada. He heightened the learning component of the day by reviewing a number of incidents he has been involved with as an inspector. The pilots learned the “do’s” and “don’ts” from this entertaining session.

The one hour lunch break gave everyone a chance to network as they enjoyed an outstanding meal provided by Oshawa Airport’s “Refueling Station.” The weather was terrific and many people ate lunch outside. The ambiance was great as planes landed and took off.

The afternoon session started with Bill Davidson, pilot extraordinaire and aviation insurance instructor giving a talk on engine management and aviation insurance issues. At the conclusion of his presentation, participants agreed they learned a great deal about both topics.

The final speaker of the day took on the task of speaking on Emergency Procedures.

Walter Bertazzon, senior flight instructor from Canadian Flight Academy, began his presentation by distributing a sheet which had all the procedures for a forced approach, in a mixed up order. Excellent learning ensued as the correct sequence was developed.

Before everyone left the Corporate Restoration Hangar, our club held a lucky prize draw for well over $3,000.00 worth of goods. In total, 25 pilots went away with a prize!

In conclusion, the theme of the entire day was new learning. Those in attendance were presented with their two year Recurrent Training Certificate, but more importantly they earned it as a result of expanding their new knowledge of flying.

COPA - FLIGHT 70 is looking forward to hosting another safety seminar in the fall of 2008. Plan on attending. You will be glad you did.