Thirty three soar on Young Eagles day

By Al Blakely


On May 14, we had our regular order of business with 17 members present. We debriefed our Young Eagles day, which happened on Saturday, May 10. We flew a total of 33 children. COPA Flight 5 has now flown more than 930 children since we were resurrected back in 2002.

Thanks go out to many people, but I would especially like to thank the Pilots: Donn Hubble (C-150), Rick Blue (PA-28/180), Harry Pride (C-172), Henry Ilg (Cessna Cardinal), Gary Peare (PA-28/140) and Norm Snihur (R-22 Helicopter).

I would also like to thank our Marshalers for the day: John Clarke, Jim Niessen, Carol Foley, Alex Doughty, Bruce Prior, Jean Prior, Dave Turnbull and Jim Stienback.

I thank Lowell Breckon, who organized and briefed all the children before their respective flights. Thanks also go out to Al and Barb Fielder for organizing the event and making sure the children were matched with their pilot. Also, to Tony Swain (old COPA guy) for chatting every one up and especially to Mary Swain for preparing the lunch for the entire the crew. Over all it was a successful day, in spite of the weather.

We also discussed the COPA/EAA ongoing negotiations, and decided to plan for another Young Eagles day in August. It was decided to hold this one at Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB). We have seven pilots already signed up and a like number of Marshalers.

I handed out a list of possible fly outs and we will be deciding on destinations in the very near future. That’s it for now. More next month.