Flight hosts annual rust remover

By Barry Martin


COPA Flight 57 hosted the annual Rust Remover session in Charlottetown at the Skyplex last March. Pilots from across the Island and the mainland attended.

There was a brief presentation on the new aEPIS system that went into effect on May 18. This will affect all planes flying into and out of the United States. It is an electronic way of registering with customs. But beware, this is not yet user friendly, so give yourself lots of time (not just minutes) to get registered and also to fill out the form.

Nav Canada also put on an interesting presentation reviewing the approach and departure procedures around the airport. They also had some hints about flying in and around Moncton. Moncton Flight College is now heavily into training Chinese students and have 16 training areas around the airport, extending up to 6,000 feet. They recommend that if flying through the Moncton area, stay over 6,000 feet.

Presently there is no corridor that will get you through below 6,000 feet without going through a training area. So, keep your eyes open and monitor the training area frequency.

We also watched a DVD by Dick Rutan on attitude flying. It was interesting and provided some good points. Other topics discussed were the implementation of the 406 ELT and the importance of now monitoring 121.5.

A couple of members talked about some new tracking devices that show your location on a website, a great way to follow someone’s progress. There were also discussions on the new passport style Licence and the dates when these are required, the COPA for Kids program, a web based program being developed for getting the US approach plates and up coming events through the year.

Then we went flying.