Another 54 Kids Added To Log Book

Philip Quinlan


COPA Flight 148 held its annual COPA For Kids fly day on May 15.

The day was greeted with blue skies and light winds, a perfect day for flying. The Flight assembled at 8 a.m. at the Brantford Airport to set up and brief for the upcoming day.

There were six planes and one helicopter. Each made two to three flights and we were able to add 54 names to the COPA For Kids log book.

There were several teenagers who were “too cool” to be excited but after their flight they were all babbling like young kids! It was fun to watch and made our day even more special.

However, it was a bit difficult keeping all those hyper kids stable and focused but our ground crew were up to the task. The paperwork was assembled, the kids marshalled into groups of three, the line crew escorted them out to the flight line, briefed them and loaded them. The pilots took over and continued the briefing with demonstrations of controls, instruments and safety precautions.

On takeoff the kids grew silent watching the climb out then the chatter started anew. Some burst out in camp songs! Delighting and serenading the pilot. All the kids got to see their city from the air, most were able to see their street and/or their house.

It was a sparkling day.