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Young Eagles Day a flying success

By David Lamb



We had a successful day flying Young Eagles today. The final total was 66 kids flown. All operations were safe and effective. Our short rain delay turned out well as the skies opened up to produce a whole lot of grins. A big thanks to our pilots Jim Barlow, Dave Walker, Rollis Gronvold, Bill Cockwell and Dave Law. Also a big thank you to Fred Fedosoff our photographer and our hard working ground crew Ralph, Cory, Wes, Michelle, Darryl, Mark, Bruce, Katherine, Marlyn and Charles. It was the team effort that produced a great safe day of fun flying. Also thanks to the Air Cadets for their refreshments. They were timely and appreciated.

Coming up next will be our Fly-in, Drive-in, Hungry Person's Breakfast on June 10.