Raising money, flying Young Eagles and more

By Al Blakely


We had our regular order of business on Wednesday, April 9, with 12 members present. We decided at this meeting that every member would pay an additional $8 for there annual dues and this amount will be sent to COPA National as a donation to the Special Action Fund.

We believe this fund is an important ingredient for helping COPA fight for our right to fly in Canada. We will contribute every year. We challenge all other COPA Flights to do the same thing and help bring this fund over the top.

We have also decided that the Young Eagles Credits that COPA Flight 5 pilots get for flying Young Eagles will be sent on behalf of COPA Flight 5 to the

Canadian National Coordinator for the Young Eagles program. This will enable a number of young Canadians to attend a summer camp - we figure the more the better. Again we challenge all other COPA Flights to do the same.

We finalized our plans for our May 10, Young Eagles Flight. We will have six pilots, one of which will be flying Young Eagles in his R22 helicopter. What a thrill.

The flights will happen at Delta Heritage Airpark, and the first flight will commence at 1000 hours with a ground briefing and lift off at 1030 hours. We will do this same routine every hour until all the Young Eagles have been flown.

COPA Flight 5 also made two donations to the two local Air Cadet Squadrons. They both received $50. There where many thanks all around, and we are more than happy to help the local Squadrons. That’s it for now. More next month.