You don’t need a Comanche to fly in

By Barry Martin



It looks like spring is finally arriving on PEI. Although the grass is not green yet, most of the snow is gone. Another good sign of spring is that some of the guys took a twin Comanche and headed south to Sun ‘n Fun and the Caribbean.

As in other areas, spring on PEI also brings fly-in planning. This year COPA Flight 57 is organizing another fly-in this coming summer.

We are calling it a Comanche Fly-in to welcome the guys back from the south. They should be back in lots of time as we are not having the fly-in until August.

Two summers ago we held a Beech Fly-in with close to a dozen aircraft attending. Like the Beech Fly-in, although we are calling it a Comanche Fly-in, all types of aircraft are invited.

It will be held on the August 22-24, weekend. The website will give you most of the information you require. If you need more information, you can email from the site.

As you will see on the site, there are numerous activities, ranging from a lobster supper to golfing to a day at the beach, that you can do while on PEI, but you might have to stay longer than the weekend. Oh well, if you must, you must.

COPA Flight 57 members are still meeting every Saturday morning at the Runway Café in the Skyplex for breakfast. Any visiting aviators who are in the area are very welcome to attend. There is always lots of lively aviation chatter.