From Space Shuttle to Silver Dart replica


Canadian Astronaut and pilot Bjarni Tryggvason was the guest speaker at the Borden Flying Club’s (COPA Flight 84) March meeting.

Bjarni, armed with wit and humour, gave an informative and entertaining presentation.

He spoke about his time with the Canada Space Agency and his flight in the Space Shuttle.

He also gave a brief history of the development of flight throughout the ages and then talked about his role as the pilot of the Silver Dart replica.

Volunteers in the Niagara region built a replica of Canada’s first airplane, the Silver Dart. The replica’s maiden flight was on February 22, 2009 in Baddeck, Nova Scotia, the location of the original plane’s inaugural flight in 1909. Bjarni was the pilot of that historic flight as well as several test flights earlier in the month in Hamilton.

Bjarni explained that the success of those flights had more to do with his engineering background than his stick and rudder skills; though it was, he said, like trying to balance a bowling ball on a needle.


The May meeting was held back at the newly renovated restaurant at Edenvale.

Our guest was author, journalist and broadcaster Ted Barris, the author of Behind the Glory: The Plan that Won the Allied Air War which details the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.


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