Flying, dinning and raising cash

By Bob Little



Camping under the wing at Oshkosh with Bill Quinn,
Claude Demaris and my wife Geri.
Photo courtesy Bob Little

Our Flight received its’ charter about five years ago, but we have unfortunately reported very little. Maybe we’ve been too busy flying. Please consider this our belated Christmas letter.

First of all, our club meets the first Wednesday of each month. Our approximately 50 members fly everything from helicopters to ultra lights and everything in between.

There are really two scheduled events each year, our annual flying club winter supper and a June father’s day fly-in breakfast. Last year we also flew 14 young Eagles as a bonus event.

Winter Supper

Each year we try to bring in a speaker as part of the evenings entertainment. To name a few, we have enjoyed Captain Coffin from the Cold Lake air force base air traffic control section and Dennis May the son of Wop May. Dennis brought a piece of the red barrens propeller on that occasion.

Last year we were entertained by Wings Over Canada host, John Lovelace, a great guy with a terrific vocation! This year’s event, held Feb. 2, featured Chris Weicht, accomplished B.C. pilot and author.

I am happy to report that we are a very active “flying” club. Some years ago we discovered if you schedule a flying event on most non-winter weekends, led by one of our members as the “lead hand,” a few of the members will be able to attend each one. In this way, by the end of the year, each of us will have participated in at least one and probably more events. These can be one-day flights to a breakfast or museum, a weekend of fishing or even an evening flight to Cold Lake for supper.

Last year was no exception, with many trips around Alberta and Saskatchewan enjoyed by all.

We also schedule longer flights which can last a week or longer. We make a plan, schedule a time, and if all the planets come into alignment, were off as a group of merry men and women.

Over the years we have ventured as far North as Dawson City and Yellowknife, with a memorable flight over Virginia Falls. We’ve also flown West for a few days of fishing and golf at Sechelt, North of Vancouver. Having been on both trips, I can tell you they can be ranked as life-time experiences.

There is something comforting in traveling over the vast emptiness of the North when accompanied by other airplanes. It also sure makes the happy hour at the end of the flight a lot more fun too! This year we are planning a flight at the end of June for Anchorage Alaska. Please consider joining us!

Last year our long club flight was to Oshkosh. Bill Quinn and Claude Demaris flying Bill’s C172 joined my wife and I with our C175 for the flight. It was my first time, and I can only say all the stories you’ve ever heard about Oshkosh are true.

There were more than 10,000 airplanes and everyone and anyone who has anything to do with aviation was there in one form or another. I know I’d like to make it an annual event.

Special Action Fund

In November, Bob Kirkby our COPA chairman gave a great talk on all things COPA. We would highly recommend Bob and thank him for his time with us. With Bob’s inspiration we recently made a $1,000 contribution to COPA’s Special Action Fund.

If you live in the area and you fly or have an interest in flying, please feel free to call me about joining our great club. Bob Little, club treasurer, COPA Flight 113; Tel. 780-875-5570.