Happenings in Lower Mainland B.C.

By Al Blakely



Port wing strut buckled from the snow load. We have had a very quiet winter so far. Our winter weather has been out of this world this year.

In the Lower Mainland of B.C., we have had the worst snows that I can remember in recent years. We where literally knee deep in snow.

All that snow really throws a Lower Mainlander off. After all we do live in Lotus Land.

During this time I went to my local airport (Langley – CYNJ) to find that we have had a bunch of tail draggers take over the airport. It’s funny though, that once the snow is cleared off the aircraft how quickly they transform themselves into a tricycle geared airplane.

I managed to clear the snow off six aircraft that day. So, COPA members, if you are at your local airport, help out a fellow aircraft owner and clear the snow off his plane. I think it is not only the right thing to do, but the neighbourly thing to do as well.

We had an incident at Pitt Meadows airport (CYPK), where the owner of a Cessna 140 was on his winter vacation. He came back from his sabbatical to find that his port wing strut was buckled from the snow load on his wings. You can actually see where the fabric on the wing has buckled.

There would have been a substantial cost to fix the problem, but fortunately his insurance will cover the cost.

It’s not the cost factor alone, but he is looking at some serious down time as well. My point here is, if you are out at the airport during snowy times clearing the snow off your aircraft, please do the same for your neighbour and the neighbour beside him. Not only will it make you feel good, your neighbour will not be able to thank you enough and they will return the favour.

Although we have not met in December or January, we along with the Boundary Bay Flying Club are well on the way to organizing a bunch of fly-outs for the upcoming summer. God only knows that us Lower Mainlanders deserve a bunch of fly-outs after the winter we have had.

Vernon is having its annual rust remover again this year (date not confirmed yet). Other flying clubs and COPA Flights in British Columbia are planning fly-ins and airport appreciation days, which COPA Flight 5 will participate in.

Follow the following link to the Boundary Bay Flying Clubs fly-out page to see a list of fly-outs already planned for this year. http://www.bayflyers.com/BBFC/Fly_Outs.html.