TriviAir time fun break for members.



Nick Wolochatiuk owns
his very own
overhead projector!


The March 28, meeting was a break for the members of COPA Flight 8 from the usual serious aviation subjects normally presented. This month however, we participated in an aviation trivia game devised by COPA Flight 59 Cornwall member Nick Wolochatiuk.

Wolochatiuk travels around eastern Ontario and presents his TriviAir game to any group that wants to be part of it.

Wolochatiuk is a professional photographer and long-time aviation buff and the format of the game makes use of his extensive collection of aviation slide photographs. The main aim was to identify aircraft types, events, manufacturers and aviation-related names as a competition.

Wolochatiuk started off by setting up his Jurassic laptop, 35 mm slide projector and also his own overhead projector in the upper lounge of the Ottawa Flying Club, where Flight 8 usually meets.

We don’t get too many presenters who own their own overhead projector!

There were 10 Flight 8 members present and so we were divided into two teams of five and score was kept on a flip chart. The contest consisted of questions asked first to one team and then, if no correct answer was forthcoming, to the other team. Wolochatiuk acted as questioner and judge as to the best answer, if any.

Some of the categories of questions were: airplanes known by more than one name, different names for the same aircraft part, aircraft and cars that share the same name, alternative aircraft names, airports named after Prime Ministers, Premiers or U.S. Presidents, aircraft aesthetics, aircraft that have humps, Boeing aircraft named starting with "Strato", Cessna aircraft named starting with "Sky" and Douglas aircraft also named starting with "Sky."

After those categories and several more, we proceeded to tackle Wolochatiuk’s extensive collection of 35 mm slides, being quizzed on aircraft types, histories and airport locations. In the end the score was 75 to 68.

The members of COPA Flight 8 had a fun and interesting evening and can recommend TriviAir as worthwhile to other COPA Flights in the area. This would make a great competition for two COPA Flights to do against each other!

Contact Nick Wolochatiuk at or 613-347-3160 for more information.