Mother! He was good

By Avery Wagg


CFNMay08  CFNMay08  CFNMay08

When the people you work with are good, it makes life so much easier. This is just as true in aviation as anywhere else. The folks at Kingston's Flight Service are that good.

So when a FSS team member of 35 years retires then some kind of local celebration is in order. Bob Johnson, or Mother, as he is occasionally called, is hanging up his headset and now figures he'll try golf - just to see what it's like.

To commemorate Bob's retirement we decided to host a fly-by on his last day.

Nothing fancy, but we had 12 airplanes line up on the apron and each took-off normally making a large circuit over the city. By the time we all landed, Doug had taken over Bob's shift allowing Bob to come outside to thank and greet the pilots.

In the meantime, Lois Tisdale had brought a large cake upstairs (in the shape of the airport runways) to the FSS lunchroom. At the same time, COPA President Kevin Psukta was on final to runway 01 in a new G1000 Cessna 182 bringing a COPA Appreciation award with Bob's name on it.

It couldn't have worked out better.

Ray from FSS hustled us upstairs to their lunchroom where Kevin presented Bob with his award and we all feasted on cake.

When you are good at what you do, you will be missed when you are gone