Morden Flying Club’s weekly fly-in barbecues kick off Friday, June 3rd

By Phyllis Loewen


Last night I made a rare appearance at the COPA Flight 145/Morden Flying Club’s monthly meeting (March 7, 2011). I was surprised to see how professional they were in the conduct of said meeting and how quickly they integrated me into the proceedings.

My attempt at staying below the radar was to no avail when I was given the task of heralding in the 2011 Morden Flying Club’s Fly-in-Friday weekly barbecues and annual breakfast.

Now you may think that I am just a lazy flying club member, but the real reason I don’t attend most of the meetings is that I am the CFI of Mountain City Aviation at Morden Airport and I am either teaching ground school or instructing a night rating.

As I write this letter in between bouts of procrastination, I realize that my lack of motivation has to do with my not so beautiful view of Morden Airports runway 28, which is surrounded by rotten, soot covered snow. Is spring really just around the corner?

I dare not believe that this winter is almost over as I know it will probably curse us with a blizzard-like slap to the back our heads. As much as I enjoy the smooth conditions and awesome performance that the frigid temperatures give us, I believe I am ready for a change.

Although last summer seems long ago, if I dare, I can recall the joys of summer flying in the Morden area. Here are a few of my favourite things:

1) Brrr... from wearing long underwear, button-down shirt, sweater, fleece, and windbreaker to cargo shorts and a tshirt. Aside from the obvious weight and balance issues that might arise due to heavy clothing, I prefer shorts and a t-shirt.

2) Aircraft walk-arounds with -40C windchill, de-icing aircraft, snowplowing, shoveling and snow-blowing, frostbitten fingers and engines that won’t start to beautiful summer morning sunrises and easy engine starts.

3) Take-offs and landings in blowing snow and pesky snow drifts you didn’t see to landings and takeoffs on gorgeous grass runways. Some of my fav’s: Manitou (give the north-south one a try!), Carman South (like a golf course), Homewood (the approach from the west is interesting) and of course Morden’s Rwy. 35-17.

4) As mentioned previously, smooth air and great performance are a winter bonus, but not, when the heaters can’t keep up. I’d much rather prefer summer soaring in thermals and around gentle cumulous clouds. As an instructor teaching straight and level flying, they can make me crazy but thermals can also be amazingly fun too if you just go with the flow. Flying the halls and canyons of benign groups of cumulus clouds is also heavenly.

5) Last but not the least, Morden Flying Club Friday barbecues. It sure is nice to meet so many enthusiastic aviators from all over the prairies while enjoying a tasty steak or chicken supper or whatever our grand master barbecuer, Menno, has planned for the evening meal. A lovely way to end the week or begin the weekend.

The Morden Flying Club starts their Fly-in Friday barbecue season June 3rd at 17:30 rain or shine and goes until the end of August. There’s plenty of aircraft parking, fuel available and we could even get you a ride into Morden to check out our lovely town.

Come and enjoy a meal, trade flying stories and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of passionate aviators.

For more information call Phyllis at 204-822-5931 or e-mail or visit Morden Flying Club website