Show me yours ...I’ll show you mine

By Gary Peare, Flight 5 captain


For our first update for COPA Flight this year I figured that we should update our COPA membership with the entire goings on with COPA Flight 5/Boundary Bay Flying Club in the past while.

Our club’s directorship and committee members have been real busy planning for the 2012 flying season. Various members have taken on roles such as COPA for Kids, Clubhouse activities, and special events. This of course has been quite easy considering the past three months of near solid rain so far… We’ve got to have something to do!

Recently Flight 5 hosted a clubhouse event with the folks representing CASARA, some members of that organization are BBFC members too. We invited any pilot or interested person to this open talk on what and how CASARA does for the search and rescue services.

Many things were discussed such as the challenges of our mountainous terrain and the difficulties of locating lost persons and aircraft. It is readily apparent why one must have a flight plan or note with a responsible person. As well as that, to not deviate from ones flight plan, and if so make others aware of your change of plan.

A big portion of the discussion was on ELT and other related location devices such as SPOT, and even how in some instances a cell phone has aided in locating a downed aircraft.

Another thing we did for this event was “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”; pilots were asked to bring along their survival kits and compare notes on what would be recommended. Quite a few good ideas were passed around, one being a ‘firestarter.’ cotton wool soaked in Vaseline or similar, and a wellsealed but easy to open box of all your dry items, etc.

Our next big event this March was a talk with Nav Canada’s ATC staff. We had representatives from Boundary Bay, Kelly Smith; Langley, Mike Benoit, Jeff Rampersad and Michelle Campbell from Abbotsford and Brett Rueffy from Victoria Terminal.

This was a very informative meeting on the importance of proper phraseology, operations at the various represented airports in our very busy lower mainland. Also discussed were some of the major changes to our air zones, one being YVR and over flights limited by terminal to 4,500 feet!

A lot of ground was covered by our gracious representatives with the meeting lasting well into the evening. Again this event was very well attended by pilots from all over our lower mainland. Many thanks go out to all those who made these events a huge success.

And finally this coming May Flight 5 will be hosting its spring ‘COPA for Kids’ day at Delta Heritage Airpark and already our Web-based signup sheet has been filled.

Flight 5 has had a long history of reaching out to our community with events such as this. To date our Flight has flown well over 1,000 kids, and counting. We have always had great success with our kids flights and we could not do it without the dedication of our volunteers.