COPA Flight 145 has busy summer at the Morden Airport!

By Phyllis Loewen


Hello to all COPA members,

My name is Phyllis Loewen and I’m writing on behalf of COPA Flight 145, based in Morden Manitoba. I am the Secretary Treasurer of our group, otherwise known as the Morden Flying Club.

Our current executive is as follows:

President(s): Ed Hoeppner, Ron Loewen

Secretary/Treasurer: Phyllis Loewen

Food Committee: Menno Hoeppner, Helen Hoeppner.

We’ve had a busy Flyday Friday season which is coming to an end for this year on Friday, September 28th. We usually start Flydays on the first Friday of May each year; and each Friday, a group of us serve supper at the Morden Airport to people who fly in and drive in. We’ve been doing this for a number of years; and many of our regular customers are folks who fly in from all over Manitoba, as well as other provinces. This year, we had visitors from as far away as Ontario (southern part), Saskatchewan, Alberta and even British Columbia. We even have occasional visitors from the US. We serve full suppers with menu items such as chicken, steak, hamburger, and hotdogs; along with salad, dessert and something to drink. It’s a great way to connect with the flying community in Manitoba and Canada and the US.

Occasionally we have some military aviation folks joining us; just recently we had some Bell Ranger helicopters and Grob aircraft from the military training unit at Southport (close to Portage la Prairie, MB). Our highest attendance numbers came just a few weeks ago when we served 80 people supper. And fly-in traffic has been as high as 26 airplanes in one evening; coming in from all over Manitoba.

Several of our members have built aircraft and successfully flown them in the last year or so. Included in this group are the following types of aircraft:

A BD-5B which was about ¾ finished the construction phase when it was purchased by the current owner. It flew its first flight on September 9, 2006; and has completed over 100 successful hours of flight since the first flight.

An RV-9A which was completed in 2006; it is the second aircraft in the picture above. This plane has flown to many locations in Manitoba this summer for the fly-in breakfasts and other activities; and it’s a great sight to watch when it comes in and takes off at the Morden Airport.

A Zenair 701 has also been fully built and flown successfully over the past year; its bright yellow color can be clearly seen against a blue sky when it’s flown in our area.

And the last aircraft which has recently taken flight at the Morden Airport is a J6 Karatoo; it flies with a Subaru engine and can be seen overhead at various times, enjoying the scenery of Southern Manitoba.

Those are our most recent aircraft building projects; with at least a few more still in the wings, in various stages of construction. Our COPA Flight 145 is an active group; we meet for meetings once a month which often feature refresher courses for our pilots (and would-be pilots as well). It’s been a great summer; and we look forward to the cooler breezes (and often smoother flights) that winter in Manitoba brings.

Please check out our website for all our upcoming activities, classifieds, and photos of ongoing building activities etc. (

Thanks for letting me share our Flight news with all of you and happy flying everyone!

Phyllis Loewen

Secretary/Treasurer, COPA Flight 145