Hi Michel,

My husband Tim Liston and I own a Cessna 172 out of St. Thomas, Ontario, Flight #75. We are both active members of the flight and recently enjoyed a morning of fun at our annual fly in breakfast. We attended this event with our first grandchild Josephine (Josie) Liston, who is 21 months old, and the daughter of our son Craig. After all was cleaned up for the day and everyone was finally sitting down for a well deserved rest, Tim and I took Josie up for her very first flight in 'Gampa's air'ane' as she fondly refers to our plane. I have attached photos of her as she learns how to use the headphones and communicate with us in the air. She was fascinated with all she could see and recognized that she could see Lake Erie from the sky. I truly believe that we had more fun observing her reactions than she did taking in the view, but I guess you be the judge of that after seeing her face!


Anna Liston

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