Much discussion over 406 ELT

By Al Blakely


We had our regular order of business, with 15 members present on September 10.

Gary Peare gave the group an informative talk on the 406 ELT situation. There was much discussion after.

This is a very hot topic with COPA and we will not sit by without sharing our thoughts with the powers that be. I encouraged every one to send a letter, stating their dissatisfaction with the situation to Transport, as well as their local MP. Hopefully, if Transport gets enough negative feed back, they will change their minds about mandating 406 ELT's.

Don Hubble, the Flight Co-Captain, gave us a progress report on the planned Cenotaph fly by. To date we have seven confirmed pilots participating and this number will grow I'm sure.

We are hoping for a flight of 12 aircraft. We will depart from our usual airport, Delta Heritage Airpark and take up our formation over White Rock before heading to the Downtown Vancouver Cenotaph. "Delta Flight," as we are known, is slated to be the number three group on the fly by. We will finalize all details at our October meeting. In the mean time it is formation practice.

I know this is just another excuse to go flying, but what the heck. That's it for now.