Boys and Girls Club escapes from gravities hold

By Philip Quinlan



COPA For Kids get preflight briefing

Our chapter here in Brantford held our first COPA For Kids fly day in September. The weather gods were kind to us with blue skies warm temperatures and a light breeze.

We had set up as per the useful guidelines from COPA National Headquarters and we were prepared when the kids from the local Boys and Girls club arrived. Our contact, Josh, was most helpful as he had most of the waivers and permission slips pre-signed.

The kids arrived enthused, with their parents in tow. Everyone had smiles and the kids were just bouncing and chatting. There were 28 in all.

Our ground crew took them in groups of three to the static display Cessna 172 we had on hand for pre-flight briefing and to let the kids get familiar with enplaning and deplaning. All were excited and well behaved.

They were then escorted out to the flight line where we had initially six then seven aircraft ready to fly. Each aircraft departed for the long awaited first flight over Brantford and the surrounding countryside. Each aircraft made two trips and all the kids received their signed certificates.

We were able to supply the happy youngsters with pop or water after their flight. Some thought it was a grand treat as they were usually not allowed pop.

Post-flight briefing went well and all agreed that this kind of event is well worth it and we will be organizing more COPA For Kids fly days for 2010.