Flight 8 Gets Its Own Aviation Blog


COPA Flight 8 Ottawa Captain, Mike Shaw, has recently launched the Flight 8 "On-Line Web Log" or "Blog". This format allows Shaw to post articles of interest to local aviators and then readers can respond instantly with comments of their own on the article. This can lead to useful debates on the subject and even better solutions.

In launching the blog Shaw said, "It seems to me that a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions on issues related to flying in the Canada's National Capital area, and beyond, would benefit all. Hence I started this blog where we can have a civil exchange of ideas on topics of mutual interest."

Shaw adds, "Some of the topics that come to mind are: Area events, NOTAMS, NavCanada's Aeronautical Studies affecting our air space, Airports, Local Land Use issues impacting on aviation,

Local Events, Transport Canada Publications and CANPASS".

Blogs have become an important part of the internet in recent years, allowing writers to tackle important subjects while giving readers the opportunity to participate in the debate simply by posting comments instantly. Shaw is hoping that Ottawa area aviators will take up the challenge and join in.

Shaw has already posted a article critical of Rockcliffe NOTAM procedures entitled "NOTAMS affecting Rockcliffe Airport" and is looking for input from the aviation community.

The COPA Flight 8 blog is found on the Blogspot web service at http://copa8.blogspot.com and is also linked from the Flight 8 website, www.geocities.com/copaflight8.