First pig roast fly-in, camp over

By Gord Dyck



R44 arriving

Lynn Huggo's Falcon XP

Our fancy air control facility


COPA Flight 109/Kingston Ultralight Club held a pig roast fly-in and camp over on Aug. 22-24 at the “Farm.”

The idea came from Art and Barb Ottenhof the new owners of the Odessa ultralight field (N44 19 42 W 76 48 01), a couple of kilometers northeast of ODESSA, Ont., on 1100 Fred Brown Road.

The event was enthusiastically supported by all club members. The activity showcased the hard work that Art, Bob and a few others had put into lengthening the N-S runway and to generate some club awareness and spirit.

We were pleased the weather cooperated, in that sun was supplied for the weekend along with perfect windage.

The Kingston Ultralight club is composed of three factions of pilots and supporters. One- third fly powered parachutes, another third fly trikes while the remaining third fly fixed wing ultralights. We have a number of chaps who cross over the type boundaries, of course they are heretics, but it all makes for great hanger flying discussions.

The weekend pig roast fly-in brought 18 aircraft. We had seven powered parachutes, four trikes and six three axis control ships arrive (Challenger, Kitfox, Falcon XP, two Lazairs and a J3 Cub).

The best arrival was by Dave and Mike Kouri in their R44 chopper escorting Faith and Lauri. The floor show spectacle was awarded to the parachute crew, their interesting theory involving a surplus Powered parachute and the SUV tow vehicle.

In total we had approximately 75 people attend a sumptuous pork dinner courtesy of Penelope P for Pig and a whole array of fixings from the club membership.

The flying contingent was supported by a couple of RVs, tent trailers and a few tent campers.

Art and Barb are to be commended for hosting the event and making it a wonderful time for everyone who participated.