Barnyard fly-in attracts successful turnout

By Gord Mahaffy



Ed McDiarmid flew his Zodiac-601 in.
Ed was also the EMS officer
on the field.

Ross Ferguson (centre) poses with
his wife Blanche and Brian in front
of his homebuilt car and Spitfire.

The fly-in was quite well attended
considering the weather.



Charlie Buller on the right (one of Canada’s oldest aircraft
owners) arrived in his Aeronca Champ. Here he talks
to Ted Lieffers in front of Bill Lishman’s “Air First Aid Trike.”
Bill brought the corn for the corn roast in the
emergency drop sled on the trike.


Ross Ferguson (left) talks with Hannu Halminen (centre).
Hannu owns Hawkes field and generously hosts the
Barnyard fly-in every year on the
Sunday after Labour Day.


Hawkes Field Barnyard Fly-in was held on Sunday Sept. 7, at Hawkes Field just a few miles east of the Oshawa Airport.

Considering the weather, the 2008 version of the Hawke's Field Fly-in must be considered a success. Actually the weather was good up until about noon. Then the rain came and people departed.

Many of our COPA Flight 70 members hold a membership in the Oshawa RAA chapter (the sponsoring group) and could be seen hard at work. Doug Raine and Doug Wood were busy parking aircraft. Wayne Ellis flew his Savanna in and helped with the announcing.

Other notables on the field were Father Goose (Bill Lishman) who brought the corn in on his "Rescue Trike." Ross Ferguson surprised everyone this year by having both his custom car and homebuilt Spitfire on the field. Ross built both machines from scratch and is also the local designated airworthiness inspector for homebuilts in this area.

Charlie Buller, one of Canada's oldest aircraft owners flew-in in his Aeronca Champ with Jim Martyn doing co-pilot duties. Ed McDiarmid flew-in in his Zodiac - 601 and was also the EMS officer on the field.

Everyone owes a sincere "Thank You" to Hannu Halminen, owner of Hawkes field and host of the fly-in.