Grand opening of new welcome centre set for October 2nd


Construction of the new “Welcome Centre” started in the fall of 2008, two years after the Smiths Falls Flying Club clubhouse burned down.

The new “Welcome Centre” is now complete and we are organizing a celebration and grand opening for Saturday, October 2nd from 12 to 3 p.m. with a complimentary barbecue.

This new building was built by the volunteer members of the Smiths Falls Flying Club.

Funding for the project other than the insurance settlement came from generous donations of the members and local businesses.

One member Les Pedell of Heritage Kitchens donated the complete kitchen while other members chipped in to purchase all new appliances.

Another member Andy Weir paid to have the glass railing on the balcony so we could have a perfect view of all those perfect landings. Another couple donated the money for the well.

Members felt good about donating to a specific project; however, we never did convince anyone to be remembered for paying for the septic system.

Some of the Members have put in literally 1,000’s of hours of labour. The quality and workmanship is amazing.

While the building is 100% owned and operated by the Smiths Falls Flying Club it was decided that it should be called “The Welcome Centre” to demonstrate a feeling of welcomeness to the local community and flying guests.

The Members of the Smiths Falls Flying Club are very excited about our new home which was mostly constructed with volunteer labour and generous donations from its members. Please come out and celebrate with us.

Visit: www.smithsfallsflyingclub. com or tel. 613-283-1148.