Flying club adds Jet A


Our Flight/Club is quite unique in having a seaplane base, CKB9, at which we provide services for floatplanes on the prairies!

While not busy on a daily basis like seaplane bases in many parts of the country, it provides valuable service to many floatplanes travelling east or west across the country. Over the years we have fuelled dozens of planes at the dock, many of them repeat customers.

A call this spring to see if we could supply 1,000 litres of jet A for a Turbine Otter on floats got us thinking about adding Jet A to the 100LL and oil we presently have available.

It is now available at both the seaplane base and the airport, CKL5; the price as of August 1 is $1.12 including GST. Advance notice is appreciated for the seaplane base, not as important at the airport but still appreciated. Contact information is in the Supplements; 204-365-7088 and is a starting point.

We are all volunteers but we really enjoy your visits!