Flight sets new record


By Paul Hayes



Wow! On Sunday, June 21, COPA Flight 44 (a.k.a. the Buttonville Flying Club or BFC) held its inaugural COPA For Kids Junior Aviators Day. It was a huge success and a record breaker.


In previous years, under the former Young Eagles Program we typically flew about 250 kids over a two-day period, and our previous one day record was about 175 kids. On June 21, we flew 301 kids over a five hour period.


Those very happy Junior Aviators flew in 17 aircraft supported by over 50 volunteers. On average, each aircraft flew about 17 kids in 67 missions but there were a few aircraft that flew over 25 kids. It worked out that we were flying one junior aviator every 3 minutes.


There was also more than an additional 75 registered kids that we could not fly on that Sunday, but we have invited them to return to another mini-Junior Aviators day scheduled in August when we will provide those kids with their flights.


Over the past couple of weeks since this very successful event, we have been receiving many emails from the parents of the kids expressing their thanks to COPA Flight 44 and the many volunteers who made this great event possible. Many of the parents declared it to be a simply awesome event.


In acknowledging the success of the CFK day, a couple of special mentions should be made – firstly to John Van Lieshout, former Flight Captain and President of the BFC, who was the driving force in making it all happen – and secondly to the Weather Network that generously promoted the event on national television.


To all members of COPA Flight 44 that took part in the day, well done! To all other COPA Flights - here is a great target to aim for.