Memorial for Micky Jovkovick at Greenbank Airport

By Gord Mahaffy


Dorothy Jovkovic, Micky’s wife, shares her memories
of Micky with the hangar group. Photos courtesy Gord Mahaffy


COPA Flight 70 member Karl Soihtu holds a lily in
memory of his late wife Barb Soihtu.



Most fly-ins are happy party events that allow us to enjoy the fellowship of other participants in the aviation community. However, on a more serious note, fly-ins also allows us to remember and celebrate the lives of those aviators who have passed on.

Micky Jovkovic the owner of Greenbank Airport, died on Aug. 1, 2008 in the crash of his aircraft, after an engine failure. His passenger Glen, also lost his life.

Almost a year later, with the healing process underway, a memorial fly-in, drive-in was held in Mick’s honour at Greenbank Airport on Sunday, July 12, 2009.

Micky held deep religious convictions and over the last five years had established a series of fly-in-worship services at the airport, during the months of July and August.

Knowing that people share many different faiths and wanting to make the fly-ins open and welcoming to all people, Micky provided mouth watering food, coffee and inspiring music at all the events.

Guest speakers talked about the environment, flying for the airlines and working with street people to name just a few topics.

About 100 people were expected for this special celebration, but more than 150 showed up. With the help of the Simmonds family, Micky’s wife Dorothy inspired everyone as she talked about the challenges of moving on.

In addition to the service for Micky, two COPA Flight 70 members who passed away recently were also honoured. Paul Hartshorn and Barb Soihtu were remembered with the presentation of lilies to members of their families.

It is a great testimony to our aviation community the way we show love and support for each other in difficult times.