COPA Convention 2009 - Springbank, Alberta



from left Dennis Pharoah, Pegasus
Performances actress, Jon Buchanan,
Michael Shaw at the
Saturday night Banquet.

Photo courtesy Gail Shaw

Dennis Pharoah buying an
ice cream bar in trade show area.
Photo courtesy Michael Shaw

The upper deck at the Calgary
Flying Club on Friday afternoon.
Photo courtesy Gail Shaw

COPA Flight 8 Captain Michael Shaw and his wife, Gail, travelled to Calgary to take in the 2009 COPA Convention held at Springbank Airport. They were joined by several other Flight 8 members, including Dennis Pharoah, Jon Buchanan and Chuck O'Dale.

Michael sent the following report:

The banquet was at the Red & White Club at McMahon Stadium. We were piped from the Quality Inn to the banquet. The food was great and the entertainment was fun, if a bit corny at times. The actors even visited us, in character, at our tables before the show.

The crowd was quite large at most events including the hangar events. They had live bands playing in the hangar for our meet-and-greet Hangar Hoe-Down on Friday and at the Sunday breakfast.

The music and food were great at these events. Gail and I sat with COPA director Harold Fry at the Hangar Hoe-Down. It was great getting reacquainted with Harold. We had met in Gore Bay in 2003 while trapped by weather on our return from Oshkosh.

The Calgary Flying Club were great hosts with many volunteers. They shut down flying operations for three days and opened their clubhouse to all of us. They were extremely gracious and welcoming. A big thank you to the Calgary Flying Club.

The weather was excellent with sunny skies and low winds for the Mountain flying seminar group to fly through the mountains on Sunday morning. We were told that many flyers took hundreds of photos on their mountain flights.

Gail and I did our mountain flying on Monday with Alpine Helicopters in Canmore. We took the 30 minute trip. Wow, they sure get up close and friendly with the mountains. There was almost zero winds so it was smooth for our 11:30 a.m. flight.

We were light, four people in a Bell Jet Long Ranger, and able to hover near Gloria Glacier at over 8,000 feet. The route took us over the Goat and Sundance ranges, Assiniboine and Gloria glaciers, and the Spray Lakes Valley.