Flying with a WWII Mosquito vet

By Avery Wagg


Well, it’s not too often a modern-day Cessna pilot gets to fly around with a WWII Mosquito vet. However, Dave Barton, president of the Kingston Flying Club was able to claim that victory this past June 27, when he responded to a local request.

The WWII vet is Flt. Lt. Dave Adlam who was about to celebrate his 92nd birthday. His daughter, Wendy, placed an ad on Kijiji asking if any local pilot would be so kind as to offer her dad a ride in an airplane.

Wendy said, “We live near the airport and one day I was watching the planes fly overhead and asked my dad if he’d like to get up there again, and he said, ‘Yes.’”

Adlam learned to fly at 23 years of age in 1942 taking his flight instructor training at CFB Borden and then went on to night missions flying a Mosquito during WWII as part of 410 Squadron.

From his involvement at CFB Trenton during the war, a few phone calls were made and Dave Barton was able to get permission to shoot a PAR approach into Trenton with Adlam providing right seat guidance. Dave Barton and Flt. Lt. Dave Adlam had a ball.

When asked about his experience in the Mosquito, Flt. Lt. Adlam said, “You learned to always look in all directions and particularly over your shoulder.”