Flight uses annual breakfast as PR for flying community

By Mike Asselin


I am extremely pleased to provide a report on the Arnprior Flyin Breakfast held on Sunday, July 11. Many thanks to all the folks who supported the event and hope it met their expectations.

The weather was perfect for the event with clear skies, low wind and warm but not too humid.

Sixty-one airplanes flew in to the event, composed of a good mix of certified, homebuilt, ultralight and even a private fighter jet trainer owned by Bobby Hanson of Smiths Falls.

The layout of the event was modified this year to accommodate a greater number of visitors from the local communities and now we are happy the changes were made.

COPA Flight 33 served approximately 750 breakfasts ($6.00 - eggs, ham, homemade hash browns, white or whole wheat toast, watermelon, coffee, tea, orange juice or water) and we estimate that close to 900-1,000 people attended the event.

The fly-in was well covered by “all forms” of media which we feel was a prime reason for the success of the event and we thank each of you for your significant contribution.

The event raised approximately $2,500 during the morning event and the funds will go towards Arnprior Airport project and the promotion and protection of general aviation in this area of Renfrew County.

A particular success story is the shuttle vehicle that toured the airport to view the airplanes and shuttle people to the vehicle and airplane parking. This is a feature we will try to maintain and perhaps expand upon.

A new addition to the event was the Arnprior Fire Department who added viewing interest and increased safety. All aircraft arrived and departed safely from the airport without incident.

A special thanks to all the many volunteers who are critical in making lighter work for all hands involved

Sunday, July 10, 2011 is a likely date for the next COPA Fight 33 Fly-in Breakfast. Stay tuned and mark it on your calendar now!

Another successful feature at the fly-in was Chapman Aviation provided aircraft rides for $25 per rider and their planes were busy giving rides well into the afternoon.

We are interested in getting feedback from the community in order that we can continue to improve the event. Any comments can be passed on to Mike Asselin at asselinmike@yahoo.com.

Thanks again to all concerned for your part in the success of this event.