Pre-registration works for COPA for Kids event

By Rupert Gruen


Our event went off extremely well with 79 kids and three dads flown by eight aircraft in three hours. This is the second annual COPA For Kids (C4K) event we have held under the new COPA rules, and the smiling, happy faces of kids, parents, pilots and ground crew were indicative of how much enjoyment all experienced. And the weather was amazing to boot!

COPA Flight 36 has implemented online, pre-registration, to cut the amount of paperwork on the day, and to facilitate accurate record keeping. For this our wonderful webmaster, Ray Young, used Adobe Acrobat, and created a writable C4K copy of the registration and waiver forms, which the parents/applicants filled out online, and then emailed to use for processing.

We [Babs and Nick Tarasiuk] were then easily able to create a spread sheet of all emails from the Adobe document, and also electronically arrange all forms for printing of the required C4K sheets for the parents to sign on arrival/check-in at the event.

Pilots each have a personal three ring binder, in which we require them to place up-to-date photocopies of all necessary TC and other required documents, with a check list they mark off and sign, that they are indeed compliant with all the legal requirements for the days flying. It works very well, and there is, therefore, no question of who is good to go on the day.

Pilots also filled out Adobe sheets with all their relevant info, so all that was needed was to match up kids forms with pilot forms on the day, [which by definition, are all typed out and easy to read] for the whole process to be very smooth and painless.

Any pre-event day info was a cinch to send out to parents before hand, and cancellations were also easy to handle electronically, as was the “wait list” we ended up having.

We started our registration process well in advance from off of our website 60 days prior, (, and closed it four or five days before the event. We have a great relationship with SD #23 Central Okanagan, from which our clientele are easily accessed.

A huge amount of kudos to all who made this event the best one yet, including our sponsors Shell Aero Center, B. C. Tree Fruits, Sun Rype Products and all the members of the Kelowna Flying Club/COPA Flight 36.

Special thanks to the Nav Canada tower crew, and all the operations staff at YLW, [especially Phillip Elchitz, our ops point man] and to our airport director, Sam Samaddar, through whom our airport/city donated $500 towards this promotion of “grass roots aviation” in this beautiful Okanagan Valley of ours.

YLW is truly an amazing example of what a proactive GA/International airport can be to fostering aviation to all sectors, and how a “win-win” approach benefits and unites all those who love aviation and the spreading of it to the next generation.

Thanks guys! You rock! And C4K rocks too!