Flight lends helping hand at Aircraft Spruce open house

By John Calvesbert


On June 2, 2012, Aircraft Spruce Canada at CYFD, held their annual Open House. Assisting, as in previous years was COPA Flight 148, manning the barbecues, handing out burgers, tube steaks and coffee. They also sold raffle tickets (For some excellent prize donations from Aircraft Spruce) and collecting donations for the annual ‘COPA For Kids’ flights. As usual, Brantford airport had a discount on fuel to go along with the many sale items offered by Spruce.

The weather was not as kind to us this year as in some years past, being rather coolish and a bit damp. Nevertheless, there was a good turnout and many aviators were observed carrying their bargains back to their aircraft, or their vehicles for the flight/drive back home.

Everyone seemed to enjoy ‘working’ the open house food venue, which was visited by some more than once. All things considered, it could be deemed a successful day and Flight 148 can take great satisfaction in a job well done.