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COPA President's Award

COPA’s top honor is presented annually to the person(s) who has made a very notable contribution to personal aviation in Canada.


2013: Chris Wood - The Region of Waterloo International Airport -  Managing Waterloo Airport in support of Personal Aviation

2012: Mireille Goyer - to celebrate women pilots’ history, raise awareness of aviation’s opportunities among girls and women and introduce girls and women to aviation.

2011: Milan Kroupa - For making Edenvale a home for General Aviation

2010: John Van Lieshout. For leadership in introducing thousands of youth to aviation.

2009: Michael Potter and Vintage Wings. For helping to to inspire and educate future generations about the historical significance of our aviation heritage

2007: John Lovelace who is well known for his TV show Wings Over Canada. The inscription on the award says: “For ‘Showing’ Personal Aviation to Canada and the world.”

2006: Kathy Fox of Gatineau, QC.  President's Award.  For her passion for all sectors of aviation.

2005: The Calgary Flying Club, Springbank, Alberta – Giving wings to Canadians since 1927

2004: Springfield Flying Club - For fostering a positive and growth attitude for GA. John T Williams accepting

2003: Lloyd Richards - Outstanding ambassador for General Aviation

2002: Bill Carter of St. Albert, Alta. - For being an outstanding ambassador for General Aviation

2001: Hope Air Volunteer Pilots of Canada - Patient delivery program

2000: Rem Walker, EAACC - Regina, Sask. - For Outstanding support of COPA and private flying in Canada.

1999: Ben McCarty, in Fredericton, N.B., executive secretary of the Canadian Federation of AME Associations - He was instrumental in delivering the Owner-maintenance Aircraft Category and worked with COPA chairman Herb Cunningham to develop the new propeller overhaul requirements.




COPA Award of Merit

The COPA Award of Merit is presented annually to members who do something special to further COPA's aims either singularly or over a period of time;


  • David Lowe - For his extensive effort in reforming and growing Flight 26
  • Lou Wise - For promoting aviation and environmental conservation through aerial photography


  • Elizabeth Murphy - AKA Lizzy McFly to recognize your tireless dedication to the advancement of General Aviation in Canada in the face of personal adversity.
  • Bob Bateman - To recognize your commitment to the promotion of General Aviation and the betterment of his community.
  • Keith Brautigam - For your dedication to General Aviation and promoting Ultralight aircraft
  • Gordon Jones - For the many years of instructing and building a flying school at High River and for the change of regulations to VFR which has helped pilots complete their flights.
  • Don Matheson - For setting up the domain for COPA flight 45's website and continuous updates, for your informative articles written in the COPA'S News Flash section.


  • Mary and Tony Swain - To recognize many years of dedicated service to the Aviation Community in British Columbia and Yukon
  • Captain W. Barry Morris - For your wide and varied support in development of General Aviation in Canada
  • Lesley and Jeff Page - For introducing youth to Aviation and for making Oshawa the number one ranked Female Pilot friendly airport in the world


  • Graham Batty. To recognize the many volunteers hours contributed to aviation. 
  • Arnold Wolf. To recognize his many years of commitment to aviation in Saskatchewan 
  • Gabriel Chartier. Due to his entrepreneurship and aviation love has turned the Ste-Hyacinthe airport into a true success story in the Montréal region.
  • Jean Daniel Cossette. For his contribution for the defence of Mascouche airport is invaluable, his dedication to the cause for the last 10 years has been instrumental in creating the awareness of the community.
  • Michel “Mike” Boisvert. A true airport champion for St-Lazare.
  • Pascal Gosselin. A true airport champion for St-Hubert.
  • Don Ledger. For many years of continuous effort in furthering General Aviation in Canada

2007: Cheryl Marek and Doug Raine, both of Oshawa for their contribution in helping to extend the life of the Oshawa Airport for at least another 25 years.

2006: Syd Vollmin of Sundre, AB. Award of Merit. For being an outstanding advocate for Sundre Airport.     

2006: Bruce Prior of Burnaby, BC. Award of Merit. For being a tireless volunteer at Delta Heritage Airpark.


  • Bob Fassold of Ottawa, Ont. – The magical Chipmunk guy
  • Ray Fiset of Quebec City, Quebec – A lifetime promotion of personal flying
  • Cheryl Marek of Oshawa, Ontario – A champion of personal aviation
  • Garth Wallace of Merrickville, Ontario – For sharing the fun of flight
  • Phil Englishman of Hanover, Ontario – Making thing happen for general aviation

2004: John Baker - For dogged & determined negotiations with BC Parks


  • Ivor David - Incredible organizer of EVERYTHING for flying folk
  • John Scholefield - Generous support of aviation ‘Beyond The Call’ at Cedars Airport


  • Bob Robertson of Abbotsford, B.C. - For being an outstanding leader in the local and Canadian Aviation community
  • Chris Ryder of Roxbury, NJ, USA. - For your selfless heroic action on 9 September 2002 in responding to an aircraft accident
  • Steve Nunn of  North Vancouver, B.C. - For being outstanding defenders of BC Parks Access, BC Floatplane Association/COPA Flight 72
  • Michelle Goodeve of Conn, Ont. - For The Extraordinary Widget


  • Blain Fowler, Outstanding leadership of local and national aviation community
  • Ken McNeill, Outstanding contribution to personal and general aviation


  • Mike Daniels, Fort Erie, Ont.  - Founding member of CASARA
  • Dr. Bill Williams, Ottawa, Ont.  - Hearts and pilots


  • Eunice Carter, of Carleton Place, Ont. - Eunice Carter has almost single-handedly brought back into the highlight one of Canada's most prestigious aviation awards, the Webster Memorial Trophy.
  • Dorothy Berthelet, Ottawa, Ont. - Dorothy Berthelet has anchored the effort to establish the Canadian Precision Flight Team.




COPA Appreciation Award

The COPA Appreciation Award is presented to non-COPA members who do something special to support or promote personal aviation.


  • Col. Chris Hadfield - For your exemplary contribution to the advancement of aerospace
  • Matthew Gougeon - A young boys challenged to fly solo across Canada and to help young people less fortunate realize their aviation dream, and raise funds for the Neil Armstrong Scholarship.

2012 - Bob Merrick - For your Extensive Contributions to COPA FLIGHT Newspaper

2010: Michael David Quinn. To recognize your great service as an AME to our fraternity of aviation in the Maritimes


  • Michael Doiron of Dartmouth, NS. Award of Appreciation. For being a dedicated advocate of aviation safety.
  • Guy Doherty of Owen Sound, ON. Award of Appreciation. For your major contribution to local aviation.
  • Ron Stokes of Wellington, ON. Award of Appreciation. For being ever diligent for our aviation community.
  • Barry Hart of Haliburton, ON. Award of Appreciation. For his many years contributing "Flying with Hart" column for COPA Flight.
  • Ross Smyth of Montreal, QC. Award of Appreciation. For his many years contributing "Our Flying Heritage" column for COPA Flight.


  • Brett Binnie of Wetaskiwin, Alberta – Aviation enthusiast extraordinaire
  • Kelly Ramey of Wiarton, Ontario – The Young Eagles thank you!
  • Gary Peare of Surrey, British Columbia – A supercalipragalistic expialidosius fly guy!
  • Walt Lannon of Oliver, British Columbia – Magnificent effort to preserve warbirds.
  • Lance Ferguson of Penticton, British Columbia – Club booster par excellance!)
  • Michael Gillespie of Winnipeg, Manitobia – Great enthusiasm for Flying Colours Pilot Program.
  • Conrad Hatcher of St. Catharines, Ontario – Mentor extraordinaire to new pilots
  • Patti Gamble of St. Catharines, Ontario – Tireless worker for the flying club
  • Mike Neave of St. Catharines, Ontario – Most enthusiastic club manager
  • COPA Flight 23, North Bay, Ontario – Outstanding Canadian youth aviation programs. Award accepted by COPA Director Peter Martin.
  • Marilyn and Percy Affleck of Auchinleck, Prince Edward Island – A true flying family


  • The Calgary Airport Authority - Recognizes the needs and contributions of GA in Canada
  • Carol Cooke - An articulate ambassador for COPA
  • Ron Cooper - For his efforts to develop the South River Airport
  • Harold Fly -  Believes in saving airports by direct action
  • Wayne Juniper - A most helpful and dedicated public servant
  • Andy Woodham - For his sense of dedication to aviation and the community
  • Mike Bourget - Works hard to improve pilot's understanding of the ATC system


  • Bill Bissonette - Providing a friendly oasis for G/A
  • Charlie Sears - For Tofield’s friendly airport
  • Neil Rutherford - Tireless volunteer for the Calgary Flying Club
  • Al & Barb Fielder - Tireless workers for the Young Eagles Program
  • Harry Pride - Enthusiastic encouragement to new pilots
  • Jerry Wilcox - Aviation volunteer and builder extra-ordinaire!
  • Arthur Van Maurik - Indefatigable promoter of General Aviation in Nova Scotia
  • Dave Wilson - Dedicated to General Aviation at Halifax
  • Doug & Marion Sykes - Tireless workers for local General Aviation
  • Terry Morris - Mr. Availability, A real airplane mechanic guy
  • Association des Pilotes de Brousse du Quebec - Energetic promotion and support of General Aviation


  • Peter James of Scarborough, Ont. - For your generous support for new aviators
  • Glenn Campbell of Belleville, Ont. - For being a dedicated recreational aviation volunteer
  • John Quarterman of Kanata Ont. - For your tireless devotion to General Aviation in Ottawa
  • Julia Henderson, The Helicopter Company, Toronto, Ont. - For ensuring the future of Toronto City Centre Airport
  • Ron Evans of Blenheim, Ont. - For passing along the gift of flight
  • Dr. Jim Trembath of Aldergrove, B.C. - For being the "Doc" and everything!
  • David Crerar of Vernon, B.C. - For your tireless encouragement of General Aviation


  • Jim Williams, Calgary Flying Club, Longtime dedicated supporter
  • Jerry Mulder, Red Deer, Alta., Dedicated professional aviation volunteer
  • Rob Edge, Calgary Flying Club, longtime CASARA and flying club supporter
  • Stuart Simpson, Calgary, Alta., Support of ultralight and general aviation
  • George Miller, Outstanding manager of Langley Township’s fine airport
  • Stan Hawkins, P.E.I. and Toronto, Generous promoter of aviation
  • Frank Richter, Martensville, Sask., For his vision to share Richter Field
  • Phil Chatterton, Supporter CASARA, Air Cadets and Stanley Sport Aviation
  • Murray Ward, Goderich, Ont., Pilot enthusiast extraordinaire


  • Jerry Lloyd, Vancouver, B.C. -  BCAC: A friend indeed
  • Mike Biden, Penticton, B.C. - Outstanding member
  • Ron Townson, Penticton, B.C.  - Young Eagle effort
  • Janet Keim, Saskatchewan - Commercial Pilot Diploma Course at SIAST
  • Al Hiebert, Saskatchewan -  Outstanding innovation in an education aviation course at Walter Murray College
  • Fred and Marilyn Bruinsma, Goderich, Ont. - Real airport people, COPA Flight 45
  • Aviation Quarterly, Ottawa, Ont. - Aviation publication excellence
  • Lois and Dale Tisdale, Kingston, Ont. - Airport Christmas and everything
  • Neil Macdougall, Ottawa, Ont.  - Aviation writer
  • Remi and Jacinthe Desert, Lachute, Que. - Welcoming airport custodians
  • Carlos Palacio, St. Hubert, Que. - Instructor especiale
  • Denis Veilleux, St. Julie, Que.
  • Neil and Dr. Kirstin Kelly, Lindsay, Ont.


  • Alex Smith, Windsor, Ont. - Alex Smith has provided 16 years of personal and financial support to the Windsor Flying Club and its members.John Lovelace, British Columbia,  for the TV show "Wings over Canada" portrays floatplanes in particular as a rational and fun way to travel the west coast and through the mountains.
  • Major Claude Roy, Carp, Ont., for his dedication to ultralights. As an ultralight owner and instructor, he has introduced many to aviation. He is president of the International Challenger Owner Association of Canada.
  • Discovery Channel for the "Flight Path" TV show - Discovery Channel's "Flight Path" has spread good public relations about general and recreational flying into thousands of homes across Canada.
  • Western Canada Aviation Museum, Winnipeg, Manitoba for their encouragement and support of the fabulous Fokker Universal restoration and the display of this historic aircraft in their magnificent museum facilities.
  • Wilf and Yvonne Hirning, Calgary, Alta. - Wilf and Yvonne have been around the Calgary Flying Club since 1969 when Wilf was building a Cavalier, and he needed a pilot licence! Yvonne has put in countless hours at club social events dishing up food, cleaning things up and generally taking care of business.
  • Glen Priestley, Ottawa, Ont., for the exceptional and effective enthusiasm he has applied to general aviation while working at COPA and since joining the staff at ATAC.
  • Dennis (Nick) Christianson, Nimpo Lake, B.C., for his work for the B.C. Floatplane Association. Nick has served as vice-president of the BCFA since its beginning.
  • Jack Schofield, Victoria, B.C., for Aviator Magazine. Jack publishes a people level magazine about flying, and all the fascinating human, natural, and mechanical quirks that makes up our hobby.
  • Bill Davidson, Kamloops, B.C., for his work for B.C. Floatplane Association. As BCFA past president, Bill has done a lot of work starting up the association and opening communications with the government parks departments.
  • Andy Guenette, Goderich, Ont. - COPA Flight 45 received its charter in May of 1996 with Taylor Lambert as Captain. Andy became the newsletter editor. He designed, wrote, and published the newsletter informing the members of events past and future.
  • Sandy Wellman, Goderich, Ont. - The Goderich area is rich with enthusiastic general aviation. Sandy is active in Goderich COPA Flight 45 and a respected aviation supporter.
  • Stue Fairchild, Truro, N.S., for his dedicated hours of time and effort to promote aviation. Stue is presently manager of the Truro Flying Club.
  • Rick Mosher, Victoria, B.C. - Rick has built a number of award winning airplanes and is the inspector for homebuilt aircraft on Vancouver Island. He has been doing the inspections for years at no charge.




COPA Good Show Award

Any number of awards presented to individuals for any exceptional activity similar to the following: Most Remarkable Flight, Outstanding Contribution to Aviation Safety, Friendliest Airport, Outstanding Action by Linecrew / Mechanic / Flightcrew, etc. The Good Show Award is designed to recognize a single outstanding action by an individual or small group in General Aviation in Canada.


2006: Dave Bell of Victoria, BC. Good Show Award. For sweet grapes and daffodils at Delta.


  • Louiseville Fly-in Committee - For Labour Day at Louisvile
  • Judy Cooper - For saving vintage flying at St. Lazare Airport
  • Jack Brown - For saving vintage flying at St. Lazare Airport


  • Brian Pinsent - Moncton’s unsung techie magician!
  • Gerry Benoit - Moncton’s pilot’s friend especiale!


  • Const. Gary Davidson of the Ottawa Police Service, Ottawa, Ont. - For co-founding with Const. Jacques Brunelle the Ottawa Airport Watch Program
  • Const. Jacques Brunelle of Ottawa, Ont. - For co-founding with Const. Gary Davidson the Ottawa Airport Watch Program
  • Rick Dion of Delta, B.C. - For being aviation's hospitable "Mr. Fixit" and Camp SeaBee
  • Alberta Aviation Council of Calgary, Alta. - For co-producing with the Alberta Learning, the "Thrill of Flight" aviation resource
  • Alberta Learning of Alta. - For co-producing with Alberta Aviation Council the "Thrill of Flight" aviation resource
  • CS CO-OP of Ottawa, Ont. - For creating the Pilot Training Loan Program
  • Bill Doran of Hudson, Que. - For being an enthusiastic organizer of General Aviation happenings


  • Jim Young, Boundary Bay, B.C., Attentive and enthusiastic instruction
  • Gary West, Kaledon, B.C., B.C. Pilots Breakfast Club newsletter
  • Sandy Tinsley, Chilliwack, B.C., Irrepressible promoter of Museum of Flight
  • Shane Zbrodoff, Calgary, Alta., Pilots to Pilots Web site
  • Jim Fritz, COPA Unicom Truck, Maintenance and co-ordination wizard
  • Goran Varga, Peterborough, Ont., The Cockpit Restaurant and hospitality


  • Tom Coates, Saskatoon, Sask.  - Vintage restorations
  • Sven Talo, Thompson, Man.  - Respected builder/enthusiast
  • Sean White, Kingston, Ont.  - School projects
  • Brian Leonard, Ottawa, Ont.


  • Eamonn Flynn, Rockwood, Ont., for establishing and operating the Toronto Aviation & Aircraft Show. TAAS promotes and showcases general aviation. Eamonn is responsible for bringing the major Canadian GA suppliers and supporters together under one roof for a spring-time launch of the recreational flying season.
  • Sue Davidson, Hamilton, Ont. - Sue is a general aviation licencing specialist at the Transport Canada District Office at the Hamilton Airport. She has earned a n unprecedented reputation for being knowledgeable, helpful and sunny.
  • David Mapplebeck, Calgary, Alta. - David is a member of the Calgary Flying Club where he has given very unselfishly of his time and expertise to the furtherance of recreational aviation in the Calgary area.
  • Gilles Boulanger, Sherbrooke, Que., for organizing Les Faucheurs des Marguerites annual fly-in at Sherbrooke for the last six years. Most days Gilles can be found at the Sherbrooke Airport where he lives the spirit of grass roots aviation year round.




COPA Achievement Award

The COPA Achievement Award recognizes an admirable and remarkable individual effort in aviation, something special that the rest of us consider a great effort.



  • Barry Parker of Singhampton, ON. Award of Achievement. For being an aviation champion extra-ordinaire.
  • David Buckingham of Woodstock, NB. Award of Achievement. For being the quintessential wing nut.


  • Mike and Rona Powerznik of Morinville, Alberta – Ultralight Central – Down on the farm
  • Bill Dunn of Ottawa, Ontario – For Search HQ


  • Jack Peacock - For keeping the old cubs flying
  • Murphy Aviation - A world leader in kit built aircraft for fun


  • Godfey Pasmore - Outstanding contribution to preserving our aviation heritage
  • Howard Parr - For ‘Parr International’ – The flying place for flying people!


  • Patricia Crocker of London, Ont. - For following and sharing your flying dreams
  • Robert  Cameron of Whitehorse, Yukon - For a lifetime of dedication to aviation in the Yukon
  • Mark Kisielius of Brockville, Ont. - For inspiration and enthusiasm at Brockville  Byron Boone


  • Canadian Museum of Flight, Magnificent restoration of Waco CF-CCW
  • G.V.R.D. Parks, Grass roots flying at Delta Heritage Air Park


  • Chandru Narwani - Edmonton, Alta.
  • Don Macpherson Outstanding Innovation in Education Aviation Course at Walter Murray College, Sask.


  • Jack Johnson, Edmonton, Alberta, for restoration and flying a 1918 Curtiss Jenny.
  • Clark Seaborne, Calgary, Alberta, for restoration of a historic Fokker Universal.




COPA Literary Award

The COPA Literary Award is is given annually to the individual contributing the best article to the COPA Flight paper.

2013: Stu Simpson for his article "Now that's Flying"

2007: N. Kent Beckham of Woodstock, Ontario for his article Living the dream.

2006: Larry Woods Hamilton, ON. Literary Award for his three-part series on "The Saga of Mending the Egg."

2005: Ralph Bullis of Edmonton Alberta – Four fly north to the Beaufort Sea

2004: Colin T Brown - For his article "A blamy escape from Canada's frigid winter"

2003: Emily Coffey, Ottawa, Ont. - "Bang, We just Clipped a 172"

2002: Clark Seaborn of Calgary, Alta. - "Flying the Paths of the Past"

2001: Paul Nopper – Flight to Auyittuq – The land the never melts

2000: "Cessna pilot captures the heavens," - by Peter Ceravolo, Ont.

1999: Terry Jantzi, Kitchener, Ont. - Terry wrote an article titles "Flight of a Lifetime" published in Canadian Flight, August 1999. The story is about Terry's flight from Ottawa to Iqualuit with his 14-year-old daughter Lauren in his Vans RV-6. The flight was the first of a light aircraft connecting the capital of Canada with the new capital of Nunavut. The flight also established a national speed record for small aircraft flying between the two cities.