Meet our Board in Victoria


Last month the Special Action Fund donations from COPA Flights continued to roll in. I would like to thank Flight 35 in Winnipeg for their donation of $100 and Flight 114 in Calgary for their donation of $350.

Every donation to the SAF is significant and I urge all Flights to contribute whatever you can. Keep in mind you don’t have to donate your own money. If you do a little planning you can raise money for the SAF at one of your regular events by raffling off donated prizes from local businesses, raffling free rides, charge an extra toonie for your fly-in breakfast, etc. That way people will be getting immediate value for their donation as well as long-term benefit.

Members who may not be involved in raising money through a COPA Flight can donate to the SAF at membership renewal time using either the paper or on-line renewal form. You can also go to the COPA website anytime and make a donation on-line or print and mail a form to make monthly donations:

As of March 3rd the 2008 total from COPA Flights is $2,650 and from individual members is $4,950, for a total of $7,600. Thank you to all who have made a donation or done some fundraising. If you aren’t involved yet please consider getting involved for the future of Personal Aviation.

On April 5, we will be holding a Board of Directors meeting in Victoria, B.C. This is part of our ongoing practice of holding our spring meetings in different locations across the country to bring the Board to the members.

On the evening of Saturday, April 5, the Board will meet with local COPA members at the Victoria Flying Club. This is an opportunity for COPA members on the island to discuss their favourite issues with the Directors and our President and CEO Kevin Psutka.

Things will get underway in the flying club lounge at 7:00 p.m. with a presentation by Kevin about issues and opportunities COPA is active on.

For more information on the location contact the Victoria Flying Club manager, Gerry Mants, at 250-656-2833. I hope to meet lots of members there.

Keep your prop spinning.